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2006 ASLaN Commentary
2005 ASLaN Christmas Commentary
The Christmas Theology of the Constitution

I have some wonderful legal news for you this Kwanza-Rama-Hanukkah-Solstice-Winter-holiday-Yuletide-Bacchus break.

Since it is CHRISTmastime again, a slew of atheists, Unitarians, secularist Jews, legislating judges and others are busy proclaiming that the Constitution is strictly neutral in matters of faith. That is the "American Way," they claim with religious fervor.


In this sad but familiar December ritual, many of these ill-intentioned zealots are found frantically unwrapping our Christmas traditions and claiming that our Founders would be horrified to learn that nativity scenes were erected on "Government" property (though such "property" belongs to the PEOPLE). These propagandists go ballistic at the thought of mixing history – like the nativity of Jesus – with fantasy (their views of history).


Like their spiritual forefathers, the crazed and murderous Jacobins in the French Revolution, some would even like the calendar changed so that all references to Christ are obliterated. I don't know, perhaps they'd like to mark time Anno Darwinius? Before Marxus? De Plorable Ignoramus?


Well, here's a tremendous, inspiring, historical and theological fact to consider at this holy and happy time of year: a fact one rarely sees mentioned by commentators.


Guess whose name is written in the Constitution?  OK now, I'll give you a hint.


It isn't Santa (He was still St. Nicholas back then anyway).


It isn't the English transliteration of the Arabic name for God, Allah.


It isn't, sorry George Harrison, Hare Krishna.


Sorry Ted Turner, it isn't Ted Turner.


It isn't even the titles Creator or Supreme Judge: those are in the Declaration of Independence.


Dan Rather is not going to like this (so he'll just censor the news).


Some of the Harvard faculty and several students at that esteemed mental institution are going to be very aggravated. (In case you missed it, Christmas trees and cr�ches were called "divisive" and nearly outlawed there this year.)


Drum rolls please -- O do spread this news to your friends -- Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow, one of the greatest names of our birthday boy is in the United States Constitution!


I kid you not. It's near the end, right after article Seven, and it says:

"Done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independence of the United States of America the Twelfth."


Don't you just love it! The official, legal, Constitutional, orthodox Christian declaration "Year of our Lord" is at the foundation of our world-famous system. Praise this "Lord" and pass the Bill of Rights.


Call Nirvana and tell George Harrison, we don't have to imagine it, that sweet name "Lord" is right there in the Constitution (where you will NOT, by the way, find any such words as "separation of Church and State").


Vladimir Lenin and friends, take note: our forefathers gave us a lasting Christmas gift by using the same word that Isaiah used to describe Jesus. In Latin, it's Domini, in Greek, Kyrios, and in Hebrew JHVH, the Holy name of G-D!


Hey, Harvard Divinity school (where the scourge of Arianism and Unitarianism is still the official unbelief), will you look at that! Our very Constitution implicitly affirms the Divinity of Jesus and the miraculous veritas of the Incarnation!


Quick, somebody get Gabriel, he has a message for the A.C.L.U. this year – the explicit, historical United States connection to the nativity is right there in the text! What? Are they now going to challenge the constitutionality of the Constitution?

Let a thousand creche scenes bloom! For Christ the "Lord" was born for us, and this most Founders knew and believed.

Sing all ye captive children of the public schools – "Yes Jesus was born, the Constitution tells me so."


So next time an historically-challenged liberal lectures you about the everlastingly secular nature of our nation, point out that official government four-letter word, Lord. They might get infuriated, but then again, they might end up coming to serve Him, just like George Washington and most everyone who signed the Constitution did.

Too bad that in the year of Independence of the United States of America the Two Hundred and Fifth various militants are continuing to eradicate the foundation of our liberty by increasing their assaults on the God of the Bible, while the majority have the forced and unconstitutional paganization of our public institutions down our throats.

While I still have the freedom to write without being told by some court to stop bringing up history in public, I'll end this by noting, with joy (although our calculations are off by a few years): written in the Year of our Lord, Anno Domini, 2005.

Felix Navidad America!

And a Happy, New, Year of our Lord Jesus 2006 to all!

Sinter Knicker is a poet, essayist, and teacher living in southern Maine.
He also founded the International ASLaN Society, in Northern China, 1994.

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