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ASLaN was NOT founded as an anti-Christmas or anti-capitalist group.

Individual members, however, may be very down on capitalism, consumerism, or even Christmas. We honor free speech and the free exchange of ideas, and only ask that our members to not kill each other, as that is very bad for ASLaN's image!
About ASLaN

The International Anti-Santa Love Nicholas Society was founded in Northern China, in 1995. While living as missionaries in a society still officially atheistic, where many Christians and other religious believers were jailed or tortured for their faith, Sinter Knicker* and a small group of expatriates were appalled at the way in which the American perversion of St. Nicholas was becoming a popular marketing image.

Chinese foreign policy might have been dedicated to resisting “US Hegemony,” but their economic and cultural policy seemed to be learn, copy and steal from the West.

The merry band of resisters decided to fight back by singing Christmas carols in university dorms, telling the real story of St. Nicholas in their lectures, and explaining to Chinese friends how the fat, red slob from the US was a twisted image of the original godly St. Nick.

ASLaN was a pioneer in Anti-Santa education and activism, and since our small beginnings a growing number of international groups have been started to educate people about St. Nicholas and to resist the well-funded business and marketing campaigns that promote the Cult of Santa.

See our Goals and Membership for more information, or e-mail us at:
members [at] aslansoc [dot] org

*Sinter Knicker is a pen name for the founder of ASLaN, who  is a poet, writer, and journalist.

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