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Anti-Santi Says

Over the years some classic pictures and cartoons of "The Claws"
Have appeared on the Internet. ASLaN is pleased to provide this
Anti-Santi Says page for public enjoyment and the derision of Santa.
Attempts to find creators have been  made, and any help in finding
them, for copyright permission and attribution would be great.

Anti-Santi Says #1

Remember to look both ways....
before crossing the international dateline.

Dateline Advice

Anti-Santi Says #2

Remember What Mary Said:
"He has tossed the mighty from their thrones!"

Remember What Mary Said
,(Copyright Walter Skold)

Anti-Santi Says #3

"Not only is he one, he smokes'em too"

Santa Fag

vAnti-Santi Says #4

"Never sit on the lap of a stranger"

Get Away From me

(A very smart girl!)

Anti-Santi Says #5

Remember What Jesus Said:
"Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing"

Satan Claws

Anti-Santi Says #6

"Beware 'the Claws!'"

The Claws
(Permission Pending)

Anti-Santi Says #7

"Enjoy Your Christmas Hunting Season:
Bag One for Me!"

Hunt Santa

Anti-Santi Says #8

ASLAN's* gonna knock you off your throne someday

Off the Throne

* That would be ASLAN, the CS Lewis Lion which represents
Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah upon the Throne!

Anti-Santi Says #9

"It Ain't Your Birthday Party...
So Scram!"


(Besides, you are really pissing off St. Nicholas)

Anti-Santi Says #10

"Haman was an idolater too.."

Hang Em High