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#1. To promote, in the spirit of Anti-Claus,
the derision of and oppostition to the
      modern Cult of Santa;

#2. To promote love for, interest in, and
      emulation of Saint Nicholas, of Myra;

#3. To promote the worship of Jesus
      Christ, the Lord of history & Xmas.

Join ASLaN Today

To "join" ASLaN all one needs to do is agree with the basics of Goal #1., and then do one of the following:

1. Say right now,

I Belong to ASLaN

or, say
(with your fingers crossed behind your back)
"There is no god but Mammon,
and Santa is His profit.”

(If you chose this method, please e-mail
 members (at) aslansoc [dot] org

and tell us you joined, so we can keep a tally.)

2. Send an e-mail to:
      members (at) aslansoc (dot) org

and write
"I want to be a member of ASLaN because...(and tell us why.)"

You do not have to include name or address, but your e-mail will be added to our list, AND KEPT CONFIDENTIAL.

Members do not have to make donations or pay dues, but free-will donations to support the website and activities are gladly accepted, and will occasionally be solicited. Our e-mail list will never be sold or shared with a third party by us.

Members may share one, or all three of these goals. Goal #1 is what binds the various strands of ASLaN together, though ASLaN founders agree with goals #2 and #3.

ASLaN members have the freedom of speech to disagree with each other on goals #2 and 3, but are asked to refrain from killing each other, as this lowers membership and is very bad for our image.

If you can't stand Santa anymore, for whatever reason, then join in the fun, no matter what else you believe.

Free, Easy, and Strictly Confidential

We are a jolly, inclusive group open to all who agree with one or more of ASLaN’s goals. Members should promote the ASLaN GOALS that one agrees with to like-minded friends, and then make other friends like-minded!!

To the left  are directions for two simple ways to join our international group.


Members will be notified of press campaigns, literary or photo competitions, and news updates from ASLaN, and are encouraged to comment on the blog and send ideas. They will also have the opportunity to help judge contests, plan local events and call local media, and have opinions posted to the website.

Who would want to join ASLaN?

Well, ASLaN is half serious and half fun.

The serious half is very serious and the fun half is quite fun (we hope!). Admitedly, ASLaN supporters and would-be supporters are an eclectic bunch. For example, we include, and would be inclusive of the following types of folk:

People who dislike what Santa has become in modern American and world culture;  

People who are anti-Santa because of some character flaw of his or some theological reason of their own;

Culture Jammers, performance artists, advertisers, and writers, poets and playwrights who want to support the War on Santa;

"Protestants" who love St. Nicholas and honor him as a great Christian example;

Eastern Orthodox or Catholic Christians, who not only honor him, but venerate him and pray to him as a holy Saint;

Atheists and/or agnostics who like to poke fun at all the myths and absurdities surroundinig the whole Santa belief system and international commercial racket;

Jewish people who are proud of the most famous Jew in history, Jesus, son of Miriam & Joe, and who can smell idolatry across whole centuries;

Jewish people who do not acknowledge that Jesus is the Christ, but who nonetheless can't stand the fat, red imposter from the North Pole;

Parents of any religion who can't afford to have their kids keep bugging them about "What I want from Santa this year."

We even have a postman as a member. Many of his colleagues answer letters to Santa that desperate kids have written, thus pretending the whole racket is real.

If you fit into one or more of these categories, or place yourself in a brand new but related category, why don't you just...

Become a Member of ASLaN today!

The International ASLaN Societye
Have Some Fun; Do Some Good--


Contact us with Questions at:

members (at) aslansoc (dot) org
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