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SChristmas, Nicholas, and Santa Bibliographies

Sinter Knicker, the Founder of ASLaN, is happy to begin this bibliographic effort, and he solicits the help of librarians and laymen alike in order to make this a quality public resource for information on Christmas, Nicholas, and Santa.

The first bibliography posted comes from his Alma Mater, Fordham University. This is where Edgar Allen Poe studied and where Knicker's son carries on the tradition of scholarship and fun.

Please send suggestions for this list or internet links to sintnick (at) aslansoc [dot] org

*(*Note: These bibliographic resources may not be in perfect order and/or form due to the time contraints on Mr. Knicker.)

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St. Nicholas Bibliographies
Christmas Bibliographies
Santa Bibliographies

St. Nicholas Bibliography #1


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YOUNG, Karl, The Drama of the Medieval Church, vol. II, Oxford, At the Clarendon Press, 1933. Chapter XXVI: The Miracle Plays of Saint Nicholas (pp. 307­360). The best work on this specific subject.

Christmas Bibliographies

Santa Bibliographies