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Belschnickle Appearances in Maine

November 23:
Portland's Xmas Tree Lighting

November 26, 5 PM
Auburn-Lewiston Parade of Lights

November 30, 6 PM
Sparkle Parade in Freeport
Just Say NO to the Ho Ho Ho
JASLaN's  2008
Resist Santa Campaign

Officially Launched on Buy Nothing Day 11-23-07

ZeeBel Returns!

Who is Belschnickle?
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2007 ASLaN
Christmas Essay

Just Say No to the Ho Ho Ho

For Immediate Release
November 23, 2007

(Undisclosed location) -- In conjunction with the 15th annual Buy Nothing Day, the International Anti-Santa Love Nicholas Society launched its 2008 "Resist Santa Campaign" today.

"ASLaN  is pleased to join with activists from around the globe who are resisting the Santa racket and protesting the spiritual obesity of "The Claus," said Sinter Knicker, ASLaN's founder.

The campaign began on Buy Nothing Day with the appearance of "Belschnickle" at the Portland, Maine Christmas tree lighting ceremony,
and with the release of the 2007 ASLaN Christmas Essay, "Just Say No to the Ho Ho Ho."

Belschnickle was one of the helpers of Saint Nicholas in German folklore, whose tradition was brought to Pennsylvania with immigrants but whose existence was eventually obliterated by the American Santa.

Knicker said Belschnickle is scheduled to make other appearances in Auburn and Freeport in order "To silently protest the obscenity that poor St. Nicholas has morphed into in our crazy culture."

He also announced that "To raise awareness of the growing international movement of resistance to Santa, ASLaN is launching the first "Anti-Claus Art & Photo Competition".

The winner of the competition will receive $50.00 and ASLaN will donate $50.00 to charity.

Examples of worldwide Anti-Claus artwork and photographs are displayed and linked at the ASLaN website, where submission guidelines are also available.

The deadline of the 2007 competition is January 7th, 2008, and winners will be announced on February 2nd.

Knicker is quick to point out that ASLaN is not an anti-Christmas or anti-capitalist group, even though individual supporters and other dislikers of Santa might be.

ASLaN's first goal is "To promote the derision of and opposition to the modern Cult of Santa," while the second goal is "To promote love for, interest in, and emulation of Saint Nicholas, of Myra."

But members don't have to support the second goal as long as they agree with the first one.

"Some of us love the original St. Nicholas while others think the Christmas story is also an outworn myth," said Knicker. "Whatever the case, we all agree that Santa is no longer welcome at our holiday party and we’ve finally found the courage to just so NO to the Ho Ho Ho.

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(That's Anno Domini, dude!)